I’ll have one later, but now plz some things about our bikes, come on guys !

IZH 350 drawing

I used this drawing for shirts for the UDCN 🙂

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  1. JD

    I’ve been following the effort to rebuild the Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum since the recent fire. Incredible work has been done, with parts of the museum reopening, minus the bikes that did not survive. Photos of the aftermath of the fire are devastating. No mention of the GMZ M-35K. Here’s a link to the museum’s website.

  2. JD

    Fire! One of man’s best friends and worst enemies.

    In my youth I can vividly remember a terrible fire that destroyed a local motorcycle shop. It was home to a very good collection of Indians, Harleys and British bikes.

    Then Vin’s shed (and house) went up in flames. All those rare Zundapps including KS750 and K800, the Ardie were gone. Luckily Vin got his wife out but in a twist his his K600 was parked outside and survived.

    Sadly incidents like these are not uncommon.

    In 2003 the British Motorcycle Museum went up in flames with the loss of 380 important motorcycles.

    Now the Top Mountain museum.

    As a retired Hospital Fire Safety Officer it scared the shit out of me when an oxygen cylinder suddenly decanted in the operating theatres, and when smoke was billowing from the kitchen. You have hundreds of lives and YOU are responsible for their safety.

    Same with your motorcycles. Keep your workshop or motor house clean, invest in smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Keep a few buckets of sand nearby. Turn the power off when not in use and start your bikes outside!

    All common sense, but don’t underestimate Murphy’s Laws.

  3. JD

    @ Thomas A. Erler, thank you very much for writing us!

    The very sad news of the terrible fire and destruction at the “Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum” in January 2021, the entire motorcycle world is very saddened by this unfortunate event. A great loss has been suffered.

    Not, but especially, the GMZ M35K…

    another tragic fire of a motorcycle collection! Where were the fire supression systems, the 24-hour modern security systems and failsafes? This famous, now infamous short-lived WOOD MUSEUM has lived up to its name. We all feel the pain.

    I am confident you will have a global co-operation in the mission to try to restore the M35K, and anything else that can be saved from the ashes. We wish to help you in any way we can. Yes! Please send your pics.

    Perhaps we can put a page of requirements here to help in the quest. Keep us in the loop please.


  4. Thomas A. Erler

    Hello webmaster of Cossack!

    I am sorry that I have to inform you and your community that the GMZ M35K wich was located in the “Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum” in Tyrol has burned down!

    So if anyone can be of help with parts we would very much like to resurrect it!

    Anyways if you are interrested in more pics I would be happy to supply!

    kind regards Thomas

  5. JD Post author

    I dug this out of the archives. ИЖ-350:

    In 1945 a team of experts from Izhevsk machinery plant (ИЖ) was sent to Germany and as war reparation got all technical documentation and production means providing up to 35.000 motorcycles/year, and there it was there, DKW NZ 350 model. It was not only Germany supplied technical papers, parts , but also German specialists including main designer of DKW factory Herman Weber.

    The USSR People’s Committee for Weaponry head D. Ustinov cheered up plant’s workers: “You make weapons well, intelligently, but know nothing of motorcycles, that’s why I prohibit to make any changes in them. Copy them as they are, when you know what’s for what you will introduce your changes, but not even a nut now!”

    That was how a copy of DKW became a production base model for many years till the plant’s closing in 2007 including majority of IZhevsk road motorcycles. 2-stroke, 1 cyl., 350cc engine with 72x85mm dimensions had 10.5 hp, left-side foot lever of 4-speed gear changing mechanism was doubled by a handle on right side of fuel tank. This was first mass-made model for the plant with totally 108,000 made in 6 years.

    (ИЖ is famous for its Kalashnikov rifle)

    Make a nice shirt John. 🙂


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