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    I dug this out of the archives. ИЖ-350:

    In 1945 a team of experts from Izhevsk machinery plant (ИЖ) was sent to Germany and as war reparation got all technical documentation and production means providing up to 35.000 motorcycles/year, and there it was there, DKW NZ 350 model. It was not only Germany supplied technical papers, parts , but also German specialists including main designer of DKW factory Herman Weber.

    The USSR People’s Committee for Weaponry head D. Ustinov cheered up plant’s workers: “You make weapons well, intelligently, but know nothing of motorcycles, that’s why I prohibit to make any changes in them. Copy them as they are, when you know what’s for what you will introduce your changes, but not even a nut now!”

    That was how a copy of DKW became a production base model for many years till the plant’s closing in 2007 including majority of IZhevsk road motorcycles. 2-stroke, 1 cyl., 350cc engine with 72x85mm dimensions had 10.5 hp, left-side foot lever of 4-speed gear changing mechanism was doubled by a handle on right side of fuel tank. This was first mass-made model for the plant with totally 108,000 made in 6 years.

    (ИЖ is famous for its Kalashnikov rifle)

    Make a nice shirt John. 🙂


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