Historical photos

The first motorcycle races in Serpukhov near Moscow took place in the summer of 1936. It was a linear race 1 kilometer from the start, from the start the race was to set speed records. The start was given in the village of Novye Kuzmenki go Serpukhov (there is now a shop in this place). The racers started one or two and raced towards Moscow. They finished outside the village of Volosovo (now it’s Go Chekhov) at the airport turn. There used to be a sculpture of a moose. By the way, spectators standing by the highway prevented the forest giants (not rare then) from going out on the road. Participant camp was at the airfield.
The main judge of the motoraces was the renowned pilot Valery Pavlovich Chkalov, who at that time was just perfecting the bombing skills at the Serpukhov Aviation School.
According to the materials of the newspaper “Vybiray” and memories .

Photo from the Zikeeva Olympiad archive.
source: Andrey Spitsyn

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