2023 Announcement by Ural Motorcycles

2023 Urals are here!!!

Any other year, for any other motorcycle company, this would be great news, but not as much of a big deal as it is for us. For Ural, 2023 might have not have happened at all. It is only because of the unwavering spirit and the will to move forward of the people behind Ural, this past year we pulled off the biggest feat in the brand’s 80-year-old history – we managed to move and restart production in Kazakhstan!

To mark this defining moment, we decided to make every 2023 Ural with a special badge. The colors of the badge represent the colors of the flag of the country that welcomed us. We thank everyone who believed in us, supported and encouraged us along the way. This badge, and every Ural we make, comes with one promise that stands: to Never Give Up.

May 2023 bring Peace, first and foremost. The rest, we can overcome.

PS: Check out this 20 second video to mark this special occasion (no sound, just a thumbs up!)

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