Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork

Hi Catwesel,

Note, he means B-Cozz community πŸ˜‰


I have a Dnepr/Ural “stubby” front fork. It’s a nice piece of engineering but I don’t need it–my only Eastern motorcycle is a 1951 BMW-SAG R35/2 (EMW). Is there a classifieds section to your website? The fork is complete except for the upper triple-tree. It looks straight, and the headlight ears are nice. The rubber bump stops aren’t too hard. Is the steering tube supposed to be parallel to the fork legs? It’s not–it leans back a few degrees. I am in Baltimore, Maryland U.S.A.

Thanks, Paul

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  1. Catweazle Post author

    Hi Paul,


    With an EMW, you’re more than welcome to join πŸ˜‰
    “EMW, Eisenacher Motorenwerk, East Germany behind the iron curtain.”

    If that is all what you have, you’re missing the hard to get parts !!
    Aluminium triple tree plate, brakeplate, link with rubbers, bakelite knobs and the fender !
    So you are lucky not to need it πŸ˜‰


    The steering bar should be a few degrees backwards compared with the legs, that’s OK.
    What do you mean with the “classifieds section” ?
    We don’t hide anything exept for the need pictures/drawings πŸ˜‰

    grtz John

  2. JD

    “classifieds” means for sale/wanted ads, like a trading post ☺

    I have almost finished a good article on EMW and AWO for Eastern Bloc section, soon.

    Magnus in Estonia has a good “stubbie” front forks for sale at the moment. Cheers all.


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