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  1. JD

    further info:
    Kihnu is an island in the Baltic Sea. With an area of just 16.4 km2 it is the largest island in the Gulf of Riga and the seventh largest island of Estonia. The length of the island is 7 km and width 3.3 km, the highest point is at 8.9 metres above sea level. 604 people live on Kihnu (as of 2007), 69 of whom are primary school pupils. There are four villages: Lemsi, Linaküla, Rootsiküla and Sääre. One can reach Kihnu by a 15-minute plane trip from Pärnu or by ferry, with trips taking 3 hours from Pärnu and 1 hour from Manilaid. When the sea is frozen in winter, it is possible to motor to the island over the ice.
    Hope we can see see some pics of their new school bus full of kids.


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